Saturday, May 28, 2016

Journee Lausannoise du Velo 2016

Here is Marcus, Agata and Sandra's report of our participation in the JLV Journee Lausannoise du Velo 2016

The Courses

 There are several Mountain Bike (VTT) and Road courses and those suitable for children.   We are planning on the 150Km road route.

 The Plan
The ideal plan was that we three would do the 150Km bicycle route and arrive back at the finish just in time for the prizes draw at 15.30.

Sandra who is just getting used to road cycling, decided on doing the 100Km route, probably a wise choice in view of her experience, nevetheless the plan was to meet at the Start, in Chalet a Gobet forest at 07.45

Failed Preparation

Ironically Marcus verified that Sandra had checked her bicycle the night before and I thought I had checked mine too.  All screws tight and parts adjusted.  However after actually cycling out of the garage at 07.00 I found to my horror my Red bicycle - UNcyclable.

Gears kept skipping, and we cycled home and found that the chain had developed a stiff link, and that it would not 'unstiff'.

So I am now back to the Green bicycle, as shown above which has a very low gear totally unsuitable for any hilly course.  Remind me, is Lausanne Velo, hilly?  Yes, unfortunately, frequent long ascents and descents.    Hmm this going to be interesting

Oh, and the Rain

Rainy 8am start to our 150 Km cycle tour

As fair-weather cyclists (!!) we have been studying the weather hard for the last week.   Saturday should be a little rainy at 8am but by 9am apparently its going to be dry and then even sunny .....

So at 8am it was raining continuously and it had done so all night previous making the roads saturated wet.

Some Objectives

- Convince Sandra to take the 150 and not 100 Km route.  There is a route split at about 50Km where she has to make a choice

- Don't go too fast!

- Have fun, which also is related to taking full advantage of the comprehensive food stops

- Arrive back for the Raffle prizes at 15.30 and hope for a big prize!


 Eventually our Dossards were mounted to our backs, and Marcus and Agata started their Garmin timers and music players and other gadgetry.  We took some photos and then when we could not find any more timewasting we set off in moderate rain.

 First StopKm 40
As usual a huge food tent is available distributing tea, coffee, Gruyere cheese, plain and milk chocolate.   It's all included in the entry to the race price.

This year Marcus and Agata planned to eat only provided food and drink from our USN race fluid in our Water bottles.

Marcus started with a huge portion of Gruyere cheese.  Supporting the local economy you know!

Km 60
The route always goes past this house on 'Paradise Street' and this year I stopped for a photo.   Actually its on a flat section between 2 steep ascents.

On my Green race bicycle, totally unsuitable for hills, any incline up has to be sprinted, else with its low gearing your legs just grind to a halt.  So here I stopped for a momentary rest before the sprint, part 2.

Break2: Mount Vully

Mount Vully Stop

Earlier Sandra split from us to continue the 100Km route.  I think this was the right choice in view of her training.  This left Marcus and Agata for the Mount Vully climb.  Boy it is steep at the end.

Is that an enormous block of Gruyere cheese I see in front of me?

Stop 3, KM 141

Even more cheese Marcus

I know, 9Km from the end of the race and we stopped!  Well Agata was out of fluids and I was greedy, waiting for more Gruyere Cheese.

More Greyere Cheese grommit!

And an infinity of Chocolate.  Yummy.

Advertising the local Cheese manufacturer

We Finished

We collected our Defi Points.

We waited patiently for our big prize from the raffle.  Unfortunately this was won by somebody else, (I know, shocking!!) and all the smaller prizes went to kids, so I suspect I had not red the prize categories correctly.

Anyway every signed participant gets a small gift which this year is a handlebar mounted smartphone case.  We can't use it, so it's free to the first friend reading this who wants it!  (X2)

Lausanne Volunteering was there

Lausanne Police attended and they have their own Motorhome :-)

Despite a dodgy start in terms of weather and Marcus' bike preparation we went on to have a fantastic time.  The last half of the race was in the dry, with generous food stops and the beautiful Vaud countryside to cycle through.

Agata Marcus and Sandra all made it to the finish without accidents, trauma, just with broad Smiles, and for Marcus a belly full of delicious Gruyere cheese.