Wednesday, May 04, 2016

In 5 Years

These days many people in work realise they are extremely lucky to still have a job.  I think this especially applies to Middle Aged and Middle Management employees.

They look to the young or graduate recruitment process and think,  I'm so lucky to be that 20 years older,  well because

EU Unemployment for under 25's

Global Overpopulation
There are far too many young people seeking employment.   When I listen to an.other enthusiastic talk about "over 40% of our population are under 25 years" or so pronouncement,  it's a feeling of deep distress and sorrow.   Plentiful jobs for these often unskilled or certainly without experience graduates?  In a world of increasing Mass Industrialisation.    I don't think so.

This means that even if you have studied hard, and have obtained the skills, there may be a large to almost infinitely large of alternative talent available in a far more economical cost base overseas.  You will never even get on the starting rung.

Free Sourcing
The idea that post graduation or school you need to prove yourself by working at a job free, for say 12 months.  Supported by one can only imagine the Bank of Mum and Dad.   This is complimented by certain sectors, for example in Education, IT where the Internet provides it free.   It's difficult to try and charge for something that is wholesale being given away.

So, all in all times are tough.   If an when you youngsters get a job,  be prepared for a fight.

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