Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gruyere Running 2016

Marcus pre race chat

Agata announced that Marcus' birthday celebration has been extended to cover the weekend.  So as a 'treat' we have just participated in the 20km run around Gruyere Lake

About Gruyere
To Marcus and Agata, Gruyere is famous for it's cheese.  In fact the example cheese factory just below the town is a mandatory tourist attraction for visitors to us.

Marcus is quite partial to the 8month old Gruyere cheese available from Coop Supermarkets, the vintage 12 month variety being very rare. The price of at least 20CHF/ Kg compares unfavorably (for example) with British Mature Cheddar. This makes it an occasional rather than frequent purchase. Welcome to Switzerland.

Marcus Race Report

We started from the back. I mean right at the back, behind the fun runners. A calculated risk. And marcus calculated wrong. After an initial descent there were some ascents up single track paths. Hundreds of people started walking.

In such a circumstance you can't overtake, so Marcus walked too.
Eventually at about Km4 the path widened and it was time to accelerate.

Obviously I overdid it. By Km 14 I was close-ish to the front of the whole race (!) but exhausted. So over the next 6Km I struggled to keep place and on Km 19 I gave up and about a bzillion people rushed past me.

I finished with a respectible sub 2 hour time, but as every runner knows: could have done better, a lot better.

Meanwhile Agata was not far behind and in her category came a brilliant 10th.

I think I was about 27th ... if only I was a little older :-)

Some Photos

Lots of Prizes

I was promised a flat run around the lake.  But the route says it is flippin hilly. And time would prove the map right.

Agata finishes the Marcus pre race standard meal. This is of course: specially mixed Porridge oats, honey, Cinnamon, Lactose free milk. Heated, stirred, served.

Marcus just before race

A lot of 20K entries

Marcus post race exhaustion


The celebrations are not over.  We are in a campsite in Berne waiting for the next part of the vastly expanding Marcus birthday celebration.

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