Sunday, May 08, 2016

Getting Stuart Ready

Our motorhome Stuart  (named after Stuart Malutki aka Stuart Little) is now officially out of hibernation.

During the Swiss winter, we decide not to use our Dethleffs T8 motorhome.  We did specify the vehicle with winterisation which has meant

- Insulated water pipes so they should not freeze
- Insulated water output tank so that does not freeze
- A stronger Truma heating system

These specifications help us in colder times, say the autumn, where briefly overnight, say at high altitude the temperature drops to about freezing.

To legally and logically drive in the winter we would need

- Winter tyres, not just for safety but the Swiss Law says so
- Balls of steel because Marcus does not fancy driving a 3 Tonne vehicle on any kind on an icy, slippy surface

So anyway, for winter Stuart was parked up, emptied of all goods, all water drained, tanks opened, and gas switched off.

This Holiday weekend it was time to reverse the process and get him ready for Summer 2016 adventures.....

Filling Stuart with Water and Remembering the Valves

We decided we would do our daily exercise run about 60Km from home and drive there in Stuart.  So on this day we wanted to

- Reconnect the Water system, both freshwater tank, and heating water circuit
- Reconnect Gas
- Test out Gas heating, Gas cooker, Fridge in Gas mode
- Test out hot water
- Oh, and go for a 30Km run or thereabouts


We decided on Morat and Agata did her excellent prep including making a route on a mapping program, and then transferring it to her Garmin Fenix watch.  

Although we were about to run around Morat lake, it's very nice and reassuring to have the exact course planned out.   You often find that some parts of the lake path are blocked by private housing waterfronts etc.  This way we would have less surprises.

We arrived at a parking spot and found a couple on a bicycle with what looked like some golf clubs and a ball

Indeed they have some local sports attraction called Velo Golf.  Unbelievable

A 26Km run later we were both exhausted, Marcus in particular. We took a small soft water flask that we drunk from and topped up from water fountains we came across on the way.  However we had no food, which was in retrospect a mistake.

On arrival back to Stuart we had 1 banana to share between the two of us.   Er .. not enough, so the plan was to drive home asap ..

Run Completed, We are going home!

Stuart is fully out of hibernation.  His water and gas systems are fully operational again.  The 120Km plus drive made sure the Car and house batteries are charged up.

Marcus got used to driving a 2.15 metre wide and rather slow(ish) vehicle, with overhang again.  It requires patience and implicit trust in my partner Agata when doing any kind of complex reversing manoeuvre!

We both learnt that whilst our fitness is reasonable, we need to do a lot more to prepare ourselves for the avalanche of events  (more than 1 per week!) which we will enter during the months of May, June and July.

Good times!