Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Every Time You Say GoodBye

Ella Fitzgerald: Every Time

Subtitle:  With every sell off, I die a little

There was quite a sharp pain in my gut when I read that Microsoft is internally proclaiming a withdrawal from its presence in the Smartphone market.   It is particularly galling because at the same time it is /talking up/ the prospect of "great new devices"

I felt the same angst when IBM sold its semiconductor manufacturing business in 2014. to Global Foundries.  The headlines and sentiment from the article above were just plain wrong.  One example shown above. Either intentionally due to ignorance or willfully so, the effect is the same

For over a decade IBM has argued that its manufacturing was not core competency, arguing that "mere manufacture" was now a sort of commodity.  It like other aspects, let me think: The IBM Printer Business, The IBM Disk Drive Business,  the IBM Intel Server Business.  Hmm, let us simply outsource this "to a specialist".    The number of people who think the 1.5B $ was a sale, that I had to correct:  No IBM, paid 1.5B USD to GlobalFoundries to take the business away, they did not receive any money.

Unflippin believable.

Talking it Up
Whilst nobody likes a misery guts, and we are all taught to think and act positive, because people just respond better to it, there continues to be a worldwide epidemic of false optimism that occludes and obscures reality.

Take the Financial world for example, where in the USA the FED continually talks about the chance of /an interest rate rise/, talking up the market, but in reality has no intention of delivery, further punishing savers.  And with each broken promise sending signals to those who borrow, that they should merely continue and further aggrandize their position.

Change is Necessary
Change is necessary, but not all change is good.  Without the power of hindsight I can definitively state that:

Any company that abandons one or more,  or perhaps several of its Core Businesses or Competencies, best realise that afterwards

It really is a totally different company to that of its founders

Back to Microsoft

+ You are right to focus efforts on Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
+ Developers need a way to develop simultaneously for smartphone, portable, desktop and even Enterprise platforms

+ Developers need a convenient way to convert old Windows apps to UWP, and you are providing this
+  With UWP focused apps you are removed from fixed architectures.  As I have previously suggested you could then re-invent your Smartphone platform on different Hardware architectures easily
+ You need to get tougher on others like Apple and Google, who are purposefully not developing for Windows Mobile, just to screw with you. 
+ You continue to invest in Cross Platform developer platforms - fantastic innovation
- The above statements do not conflict the Open Source Programming model, you need to do more to embrace this publicly though
- Getting out of the Smartphone Hardware business would be a plain mistake

Oh, and IBM,  does M still stand for Machines now, or after you have sold off every, or nearly every Manufacturing Plant, and Hardware division you ever built and made great, maybe the acronym should change too?

Still Waiting

John Meyer:Waiting on the World to Change