Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Does Not Compute

Subtitle: Don't tell me: You know what I mean

Since Mathematics continues to be an interest of Marcus, I am of course subscribed to a number of YouTube, RSS and Google Plus channels on the subject.

On Wednesday night I received yet another poorly specified problem.

You see, in Base 10:

The addition of 2 + 5 never equals 12

The addition of 3 + 6 never equals 21

Now this is supposed to be about Mathematics, or Problem Solving.  And I just have to say something. Let us restate that:

fn (x, y) = z   such that

fn (1,4)  = 5

fn (2,5)  = 12
fn (3,6)  = 21
fn (8,11) = <the question>

Now we have a correct statement of the problem where fn (x, y) means there is some function of x and y, that gives the answer z

To me,  even a dimwit can see that a possible, but perhaps not the only solution is

fn (x,y) = x * (y+1) = z
Hence fn (8,11) = 96

I'm sorry but this kind of graphic piss poor problem statement is driving me absolutely crackers, and it is just everywhere.

It is de-scrambling my logical brain,  please stop it Internet.

So Finally
Some videos to calm me down

Red Dwarf: Toast

Red Dwarf: Psirens

Red Dwarf: Vidaloovians

Supertramp: Hide in Your Shell