Friday, May 13, 2016

Corsair Carbide 240 Computer Case

Corsair Carbide 240 review

Subtitle:  A well designed Computer Case

So, I used not to be an expert in Computer Cases.  I just used to know that Lian Li made very high quality cases, and would do extensive research as to which one of their lovely, Aluminium, robust and capable cases best suited my needs.

Times Change
Recently I have been paying more attention

- Lian Li are very expensive
- I suddenly have more time to read enthusiast sites like Overclockers, CPU magazine and Toms Hardware
- I realise that Lian Li have not kept up

Good, Bad and Ugly

So the innovation that Corsair came up with is to divide the case into two sections.  From the front on the left side a place for the motherboard,  then on the right side a place for your disks and power supply and rats nest of cables.

Between the two compartments is a vertical divider with some holes allowing you to only feed thru what you need to the left motherboard side.

What a beautifully simple idea!

Front View

Left Side for Motherboard

Right Side for all disks and Power Supply

Here is the big point summary then

+ The two compartment design is genius

+ Allow you to have a beautifully clean looking motherboard area.  Indeed the case has a perspex panel to show off the motherboard area
+ Front panel with 2xUSB3 and microphone and headphone, power and reset
+ For the 240 case  (a larger 540 is available) you can mount a mini ITX or the larger micro ITX motherboard
+ Right compartment has space for 2.5 and 3.5 inch hard drives and a regular ATX power supply
-/+ There is no place for a removable 3.5 inch optical drive or other media like a front panel
+ Room for 3x2.5 inch and 3x3.5 inch drives, more than enough since for large storage surely you are using a separate NAS!

-- The build quality is awful and some components used like screws feel very cheap.  This is no Lian Li!
++ Price is only about 100 CHF that is about 100 USD or 60 GBP

A great case with lots of customisation potential, ability to hide messy wiring, ample disk storage, really competitive price.  The only downsides are the steel case material and the mediocre build quality.

Still, all in all an excellent product.

Carbide 240 at Digitec CH
Corsair 240 at Scan UK

Carbide 240 build
Carbide 240 official
Carbide 240 official intro


NB: At the Time of Writing
Lian Li recently announced a "dual compartment" Aluminium case in the form of the PC-09  But it is not shipping in Europe yet, and when it does it is over 300 USD/CHF!! In other words about x3 expensive  (or x2 expensive as the larger Carbide 540 case).