Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Celebrating Mothers Day

Spice Girls: Mama

Just a quick word to relate the fact that much of Europe celebrates Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May.  So that is May 8 , this year of 2016.  This includes our country of residence: Switzerland

If however your are in the UK then you missed it, because it is based on the 4th Sunday of Lent, making it March 6 2016.

And for Poland, they chose something different.  Hmm.   May 26 2016.

The roots of Mother's day are explained in Wikipedia along with even more varied dates for other countries.


The process of being a Good Mother is to Marcus and Agata critical. Usually it is interaction with the mother rather than the father that a child get's its first introduction and guidance to the world.

Of course times are changing for the better, but there are still many societies in which

- The status of women, and hence the mother, is enshrined in Law or Religious doctrine/ dogma to be below that of a man
- Mothers Day is a day on which the Mother gets to feel special, and by that I mean on every other day, regrettably much less so

- Single Parent families, especially in some countries,  are nearly almost predominantly mothers.   The guys basically piss off.  It'd just disgraceful, and stats for some racial types within this; I invite you to Google.

What Type Of Mother
Do you recognise your mother or yourself in the following [mostly Postsecret] images:  Because being a Good Mother, not merely a mother, well, that can be difficult.

All in All
To all existing mothers.  Happy Mothers day.  

To Children and Mothers.  This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect in a meaningful manner.  And by re-connect I mean contact in preference to present(s).

And to those who Plan to Be
Just the one most important thing. Please select a Partner who is going to stick around, raising children is a natural yet critically important though stressful activity.  Being a Good Mother will be easier with 2.

Pink Floyd: Mother