Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bike Days Solothurn 2016

Bike Days: A few jumps

Marcus has cycled all his life, well since the age of a toddler, since we had a large garden and driveway in England, making for private tuition, experimentation, falls and eventual progress.

Agata has now cycled a Road bicycle almost daily for over 15 years.

So, when Agata heard of a local Swiss large bicycle expo in Solothurn, I said YES PLEASE!

Obviously this forms part #3 of Marcus' birthday celebration :-)

The main attraction was the Expo.  So in Pictures and comments, some highlights of what we saw.

Bike Days Expo

A queue

I know, everybody was standing around looking at each other thinking.  In Switzerland, a queue.  How can this be ?


Small Swiss startup with big plans.   Like some others they are exhibiting 1000Wh battery capacity electric bikes with upto 750Watt motors.  Astonishing!

My definition is an immensely impractical and heavy but showy bicycle.  Ideal for making a statement but not very practical.  A plaything really, but hey, it takes all sorts.


Some impressively light, fat tyred bicycles, no electric power and good in the snow

 Started doing motorhome VW rentals.  Impressive

 Marcus found what appears to be a rarity.  A swiss bargain.  A seller at the show of waterproof smartphone cases.  We plan to use this to protect our phones whilst out cycling or whilst swimming.

Light and Motion

 I scrutinised the design of Taz 1500 and 1200 and was very impressed.

Do an interesting mains powered neck and upper body massager.  Apparently can be used on feet too.   Marcus the model shown above, it was a beautifully strong massage as my expression shows.

 Rose are an international bicycle mail order company.  They had complete bicycles on display

They have a bicycle configurator ... wow!

So Many Stands
There was so much to see.  We didn't photoshoot everything.  For example at the Garmin stand we tried the Vivoactive HR, and found as we suspected that it looks great, but might not work on a smaller wrist.


 Really High quality and beautifully Engineered electric bicycles.   But you will pay for it!


At the stand a bike with Sram Red eTap , the world class Swiss Triathlete Daniela Ryf, and a variety of  road and cross bikes.  Very nice.


 Custom fitted cycling shorts.  Now for women too.

The Town
We also took time to stroll around the Solothurn itself.  As it was Sunday, of course all the shops were closed.

Whilst the focus was Mountain/ off-road bicycles or Electric there was still a good showing of Road Bicycles and Accessories.  We had a great time browsing, and testing out the food at the nutrition stands.  Thanks to Agata for finding this event.   Marcus' birthday celebrations continue!

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