Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another Day Week Month and Year

Rolling Stones: Waiting On A Friend

It's Marcus' Birthday .. wahoo

Indeed, as planned, still alive for another year.  Another very wonderful year.  Wonderful through I would suggest via our own Marcus and Agata efforts, of respectful living, of positive living, here in Lausanne Switzerland.

Time Off for Good Behaviour
As a youngster I had my Birthdays organised for me

As a teenager: The next step was to hold my own Party

Then at an early career stage it was a drink after work

Later in work, a Drink over Lunch

Later at work, a Lunch with Friends at Work

Later at work: Bringing in home cooking and chocolate to Work

Getting Older:   A day off work

Older Still: 2 days off work and a weekend, for a long weekend break

And finally: Always take off from work, the year in which your Birthday falls.  Well, only if you have earned it of course.

Because It is So Easy
The current Digital world sets the bar very low.   Social networks to which I belong know my Birthday.  So friends, family,  ex coworkers, subscribers to Enthusiast forums, they are all told it is my Birthday.  So in today's world if you do not receive a barrage of Wishes, then your 'friends' could not even be bothered to press a button, or let us say take 10 seconds from their /busy/ schedule

Birthday Cards
By the same token, though physical Birthday cards are somewhat unusual today, some of the /older generation/  still value them and so I hope for some paper correspondence to Switzerland.  This is a bitter sweet hope though, because I am quite confident at least 1 card from a special friend will not arrive. They are /too busy/ I understand.

(NB: If I am wrong, this post will be edited and apologies forthcoming)

Doing what I love

I expect Marcus' birthday in 2016 to be almost ideal.

Time spent with my best and special friend, my partner Agata.

Full of  calorie-burning exercise, smiles, and mindful (not meaningless) conversation

Perhaps the odd party like gathering

Staying well within the law, and not annoying the neighbours

Some Pictures Then

A fantastic present from Agata

Bicycle Ride.  
Meticulously planned by Agata of course.  She found those small and deserted roads, and a few mountain Colls to cycle up and down.    We were positively exhausted to return home, get a 30 minute nap, then our for a party ...

</bicycle ride>

Some socialising

Back just before midnight, after a full day of celebrations.  My sincere thanks to everybody for their good wishes.

Roger Daltrey: I'm Free