Friday, May 13, 2016

A House full of Audio

Akai CS-55D Invert-O-Matic Cassette Player

When Marcus was even younger than today  (I know, it seems impossible right!)   our house was always full of Music.  But more than that,  Music recording and playback equipment.

And so, it was a delight to find the TechMoan YouTube channel which has documented many of the later audio products that I am intimately familiar with.

For those who actually lived thru the 80's and just a little before as young adults I think this channel will bring back some memories.  You can point to the Youths of today and show them: You see how difficult it was to play, or even copy an hour of music.

The Curta Calculator

Sony NT Cassette

3M Cantata 700 Music Cartridge Player

Another Example
Techmoan is another fine example of an individual, in this case Matt from the UK, who produces high quality and informative videos about vintage equipment.

Just a decade or so ago interest in then Vintage equipment would have meant an often expensive trip to a paid museum.  And now this is being made available free, to anybody with an Internet connection.

Just an example of changing times and the dedication of a few individuals who really care about documenting the past.

Techmoan main Website
Techmoan YouTube Channel