Friday, April 08, 2016

USB 3.1 cable migration

Subtitle:  Marcus talks about a USB Cable

Yes, stay awake please!

Over the last 2 months we have been hard at work converting our Computer Infrastructure to USB 3.1 Gen 2 wherever possible.

This means to preferably use USB Type C reversible connections.

The First Step
Was to upgrade our USB computer interfaces.  See the cards I bought  here and here

The Cable Order

If you don't live in the vacinity of China or Hong Kong this step will take a few weeks, but relax your outlay for cables will usually be around 20 GBP , 35 Dollars all in.

My suggestion is

- Order your PCI USB 3.1 adapter card first as per above blog articles
- Take a look at peripherals you currently use
- Goto ebay, we use
- We always select Buy It now, and Worldwide
- We give preference to Hong Kong and China suppliers in that order
- Order all the replacement USB Type C cables you are likely to need.
- The good news is that each cable is around 1 GBP  (1.5 USB) including postage.  I say again, including postage!
- I know, it is totally bonkers
- Use common sense when ordering, choose an established seller and one whose advertising looks credible.
- There have been some over alarmist scares about bad 'cheap' cables, personally I am 100% confident of my eBay Cable suppliers.  

Example USB Type A to Type C, USB 3.1, braided cable.

Example Short Type A to Type C

More Testing
Armed with my new cable, a Type C to Type B, that took two weeks to arrive, I made a small test of my beautiful 2014 Orico USB 3.0 Disk Dock.




So, regrettably the speed on the USB 3.0 dock, did not get any faster :-(  But by the same token it was no slower!  Since USB 3.0 also bizzarely known as USB 3.1 Generation 1  (yes, don't trust my word, look up this idiocy)  is 5Gbps that equates to at least 500 MB/sec, then I am disappointed my hopefully faster Gen2 Host interface is not able to push the SSD harder.  Hmm.

I have a lot of Money
If you are both impatient and have an infinity of funds you can also upgrade your portable infrastructure with the likes of an

Razer Blade Video another

Apple Macbook Air

Dell XPS 15

or other desirable portabilia which include USB Type C connectors

Alternative Cable Sources

I did a quick Amazon UK survey.  Coming in at usually over 300%  (I mean 3 times the cost) of my Asian eBay sellers were Amazon sellers.   Boy they know how to make some profit

And if I consult my best local Computer Store  (I shudder to think what the pricier Interdiscount and Media Markt are offering)  prices really take off.

So to go back to economical Cables, oh and Adapters.  Here is an example eBay search or two to get you started....



I know, with all this talk, it is reminds one almost of Technical Ecstasy, enjoy this animation.