Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Chronic NO Pain Report

Sigma: Redemption

Subtitle:  Marcus and the Feel Good Report

It has now been a clear 2 months whereby Marcus has been pretty much free from Chronic Pain.

I moaned about this earlier in January here.  Including some strategies and techniques that I used to fight the problem.

A painful History

I am gruesomely aware of some key moments in my life that have been followed by Chronic pain or disability.  A few examples:

- When my left hand became partly paralysed , recovery time 2 years+
- When both my arms had agonizing shooting pains, after a fall on the ice,  recovery time 1.5 years+
- When a Collision with a Motorbike, left me with battered Ribs,  recovery time about 1 year

And lately, agonising pain in Lower Spine, and Right Leg, duration > 1 year.

Running with Pain

So with every step there is pain.  And the faster you go, the more the pain.

Your body is actively telling you to slow down, but your mind is willing you on.

In the Chronic Pain, something is broken with my body syndrome this is reality.  But if you merely have sore muscles, or are tired from a previous days exertion this is not the case. 

In the latter you are constantly reminded of what a great job you did the day before. But for Chronic Pain, I am just reminded that life is sometimes a total shit, and that for no good reason that I can determine, my body has partially packed up, and perhaps not just for a short time, but at worst for ever.

When the Pain Goes

PSB: Groovy

- It went away slowly
- I mean very slowly
- So slowly that every day you think: Is the pain less, but you just can't tell.  You just keep hoping
- Then one day, you realise that the pain is significantly reduced
- Then a month or two later, you realise the pain is really gone
- You can't quite believe it.   You stay quiet, because with a degree of ju-ju, announcing pain free is tempting or somehow soliciting a return
- When time passes, you start to believe it, but cautiously!

The flow was something like  

Detection,  Disbelief,  Belief,  Quiet Elation, More Quiet Elation, Caution

Forever Careful

Martin Solveig: Intoxicated

Last week, I got up and sneezed so violently that I pulled my neck.  It took about a week to 'un-pull'.   It made be acutely conscious that I did not need a bar-room brawl, or another high speed Cycling accident to screw with my health.  A simple sneeze is all that is required.

Latest Theories On My Cure

(+ think it helped, ? not sure it helped, - don't think it helped)
+ Daily Exercise (Upto 4 hours daily)
+ Swimming (all round, non impact exercise)
+ Vastly improved Diet (more Beans, Vegetables, Salmon, Pasta)
? Dropped eating Chocolate and Puddings and Carbonated Drinks, Sugars

? Low on Processed Foods
+ Nordic Skiing (stretching of legs)
+ Analysis of Sleep position
+ Care of Spine Alignment whilst sleeping
? More sleep
- Imaginary Friends
+ Compex
+ Support from Agata (my life Partner)
+ Weekly Gym Bootcamp (Improved Core strength)


As any ex-Chronic pain sufferer will tell you.  Things are looking up indeed.