Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Artist Now and Forever Formerly known as Prince

Subtitle:  We probably won't be seeing you later

First The News
For the record, Prince, and I mean Prince Rogers Nelson, born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota has suddenly and unexpectedly died.

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A moderate Fan
I've been a moderate fan most of my life and I especially appreciate not only his music but his amazing coordination and dancing abilities.

We even paid a lot of money to see him live at Montreux in 2013

It is with much regret then, that if you know your Prince, you will know that he has had a protracted and unresolved feud with the Digital Music & Video industry since about 2007.

- In 2007 Prince took legal actions to remove his online presence from the Internet and in particular YouTube

- He had a mostly hate, or un-cooperative attitude with Digital Audio distribution or any Digital Video distribution service

- There was a skimpy  official Prince YouTube channel launched in 201x

- In 2015 however he completely closed that YouTube channel

- He also removed his music from Spotify, Apple Music and Rdio

- I'm not sure about TIDAL?

So farewell Prince.  Right now,  this is the best video I could display

From a Religious Perspective Prince was of course a Jehovah Witness (JW). Freedom of and from Religion is something I passionately support. The excellent John Cedars has produced this informative video about Prince and JW.

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