Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Learning in 2016

For the second time in just months, another one of my musical icons, namely of course Prince has been removed from my Musical Landscape.

Although as I discussed earlier, Prince's online presence is basically zero so what I have in my music collection is a fair few rips of original CD's that I bought > 10 years ago.

But this post is about learning.

In 2016 most of my learning is derived from reading articles online, found from Google Searches and so since Prince's  religiosity was of the Jehovah Witnesses faith I took this an an opportunity to learn more.

Whilst I don't ever consider one book or one source definitive; one can follow the likelyhood of truth by considering the weight of evidence that is presented on the Internet and cross checking it.

For me Jehovah's Witness and Mormonism represent two of the /older/ contemporary Christian based modern variant religions. Ones that make a variety of unlikely claims and religions that impose a awkward set of constraining behaviours on their followers.

For Jehovah Witness I already follow the excellent YouTube channel called John Cedars.  This is hosted by Lloyd Evans, who IMHO is the voice of reasonableness personified.

Prince and his faith as a Jehovah Witness

I think in viewing this 15 minute video you'll learn some interesting things about Jehovah's witness and for more information I would invite you to watch other videos on this channel and of course do more research for yourselves.