Saturday, April 02, 2016

Sunday Sermon: God is STILL not dead

God's Not Dead #2

In case you were not concentrating, yes, God's Not Dead,  the sequel did in fact launch in cinemas on April 1 2016

You just cannot make this stuff up can you.

Anyway, the plot as you can gather from the trailer is that a teacher makes a reference to Jesus in a class and as a consequence the school board considers firing the teacher.

This leads to a Courtroom Case  (in America) whereby they aim to prove that Jesus  (not merely the man, but the divine entity and 'Son' of the Christian God I presume) existed.

Would I watch the Movie?

- Paying the entrance fee, I would feel like I'm tacitly supporting the Christian Religious Persecution mania.  Something that is totally overstated IMHO.  So not good.

+ I do live modern day films so compared to something like The Young Messiah,  yes worth a viewing

+ I did read Neil Carter's live tweet stream about the movie.  Made it sound like a must watch movie to me. But read on ..

+ The music at the end is catchy, although totally misguided in my humble opinion.

-- The plot in 300 words.  I now just want to cry.


The best part of this film is undoubtedly  the catchy songalready used in God's not dead#1. So aside from I suppose further royalty payments to the [Christian pop band] Newsboys  

I can see absolutely no purpose for #2.

But then many films don't have to have a purpose. I think both Secular, Christian and other religions should have an opportunity to see this piece and decide for themselves whether the film bends, stretches or breaks with the truth of the matter. But pretty please make sure to
 read Neils review that I linked above already.

I already included it in my Religious All Nigher posting.  

So see that for advice on this an other films that will very possibly enrage and not lead you towards inner peace.

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