Friday, April 29, 2016

Something for the Lausanne Weekend

Molotov Jukebox: Something for the Weekend

As part of Marcus' mission as unpaid Lausanne and Canton Vaud advocate  I'd like to promote three wonderful things to do this weekend around town

Even if there was /nothing on/ there are plenty of healthy outdoor activities to participate in, for example hiking in the mountains.

Instead this weekend:   Here are 3 choice events happening

Lausanne Carnaval

I witnessed the setup on Friday afternoon.  Basically the Carnival is a huge street party with the focus on food.

Here is the Online magazine  to read

Tour de Romandie

Many big international Cycle names take part in this Pro Cycling race in Switzerland.  On Sunday May 1, it passes within a few Kilometres of our Lausanne home.

(Note to self: Stay off the roads, we don't want to embarass those Pro's as we shoot past them :-)


In the Spirit of the Slow UP movement, which means /take things easy, relax and have a good time/   our Canton of Vaud has a LavauxUP.

I think our Canton is too posh to join the trifling SlowUp brigade.

On Sunday this weekend the lake road between Lutry and Vevey is closed to traffic.   It is open to Pedestrians, Cyclists, Scooters and Skaters.

There will be a few attraction tents serving food and alcohol

The idea is that you get to Lutry then using any of the above transport mechanisms  (i.e. not a car) you head out towards Vevey, or perhaps start at the Vevey end, and head towards Lausanne.

Lausanne is making it ridiculously easy for us to go outside and have a wonderful time.   All part of the Swiss mentality that we really appreciate, and think that we contribute to.