Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Salomon Speedcross CS Climashield Shoes

Thanks, or perhaps No thanks to Global Warming, Winter is over here in Lausanne Switzerland.  So the need to use my Salomon Climashield shoes for snow running is diminished to zero.

As with recent winters I switch from the lighter but totally non-waterproof Salomon SpeedCross  to the equivalent Climashield version as the Snow sets in.  Here is the 2016 report.  It builds on the 2011 report which is here

Use In Snow

These shoes plus gaiters continue to be my primary method of snow running or hiking.  So long as the snow level is below your knees, snow shoes are not strictly required with my winning combination.

From a Snow Shoe hire perspective then, this pays for the Climashields in just a few outings.  

This Week

Marcus is proud to be being used as a running /mule/ for the young Mira Rai who visits Switzerland this week.  She is a young Nepalese runner showing great promise.

My task:  To help keep her running legs occupied.  We are aiming for a 20Km daily run or thereabouts.  It's been a good test of the Climashield shoes .... since it has been tipping down with rain, making forest paths muddy and slippy.  It even hailed this evening.

I should of course mention Agata is helping too!

So, Use In The Rain

Like any so called waterproof shoe things work quite well until you step into a deeper than expected puddle, or need to cross a mountain stream.   Then all the Waterproof Climashielding is not going to help you.

But for a run in the rain they hold up very well.  I have no complaints.

Cleaning: It's not generally advertised but after a muddy run

- Take out the insoles
- Remove large muddy deposits from shoe with a brush
- Hose down shoes with water, say in the bath or sink
- Once in a while (say every 15 runs) follow this by putting all into the washing machine,  I recommend  without clothing!  You can add a tiny bit of powder.
- Put on a hot surface, e.g. our heated floor, to dry shoes and insoles
- Put insoles back into shoes, & you are good to go

What about Sense Ultra?

I recommend this shoe only for races and pre race training because

- It is lighter, but also relatively flimsy
- It's a rougher less comfortable shoe
- 8mm cf 11mm heel to toe drop, so here you need to run more front foot

For a regular, wet weather,  running shoe I prefer the SpeedCross Climashield every time.

As New

Not much more to say except perhaps

- Shoes are now almost 340 grams.   Pretty heavy, but the ClimaShielding / water proofing adds necessary weight

- Shoes continue to have a nice and solid design

- Tread pattern is optimised for off road.   Use on tarmac will make treads disappear quickly. And it's a /hard/ tarmac reduced cushioning experience, if you do.

- Those quicklaces.  I just love them.

Overall Then
For very wet or wintery conditions, the Salomon Speedcross ClimaShield remains my trail running shoe of choice.


Salomon Climashield a Wiggle
Mira Rai
Mira coverage on Vimeo