Monday, April 18, 2016

Marcus and Agata try Yoga

Agata tries Yoga

Yes, there comes a time when Marcus and Agata decide to try a bit of Yoga

Why is Yoga Different?
Unlike other sporting activities Yoga is not obviously cardio.  In fact many say Yoga is not obviously exercise as such.  But as I will relate below, 3 days afterwards with many or Marcus' muscles and joints aching  (in a nice way) I can say it is an extremely effective workout

Previous Yoga
Both Marcus and Agata already tried Yoga several times.  In England and our current country of Switzerland.  Marcus will say that I've never been really hooked, and the insistence of including a dose of Hindu Religious philosophy  into a session was ultimately a deal breaker to me.

In Praise Of Our Teacher

Our mysterious Yogi :-)

So our report is that we had an initial 1 hour plus session last week.   I am delighted to report that

- No religious terms or indoctrination was involved
- A nice personal session
- Marcus is deliciously sore some three days later
- Marcus was careful not to over exert himself!   
- Being a guy this is easy.  And with my daily exercise routines, making me less flexible in certain areas,  I have a boat-load of excuses ready and waiting as to why certain positions are totally impossible.


- It's exercise but not as we know it Jim
- I can see it will improve our flexibility
- And bolster that mystical  (for Marcus) core strength
- Can be done at home
- Duration 1-2 hours a session
- For us a teacher without any Religiously oriented mumbo- jumbo doctrine please
- Don't overdo it. Take it step by step as you would with any new exercise or sport.

All in all, I can't wait for another lesson.

I shall leave you with a demonstration of what is possible:

Laruga Glasa: Ashtanga Yoga