Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Lausanne Renovations

Subtitle: Are you frikkin kidding me?

In Lausanne, Marcus and Agata's currently adopted home town we are proud to have a large lake.

For one it is very beautiful.  Then there is the ferry from Lausanne to the French side, example Evian.

With the current Global warming it's possible to swim from at least May to September in the lake, there are even marker buoys to allow it very safely at Bellerive

The Sandy beach areas are ideal for Sunbathing, a Party, and that hidden Swiss passion, the BBQ.

By the edge of the lake you see here the renovated section of the Embankment.  This is what they managed in 2015, see top photo for the existing stonework ...

And now the Bad News

I did not quite know whether to laugh or cry when I saw the renovation plans.

At the current glacially slow rate it will be 2024 before it is finished.  I know, it is just unbelievable.

Marcus was heard to loudly comment: Can't we get a chinese crew in.  They would do the same quality job but have it finished in about 8 weeks and not 8 years!

That is really how I feel.   I am just dumbfounded.

The detailed blurb

In other renovation News

Embankment excepted the whole town is a hive of building and renovation activity.  To mark this industriousness  I have been making a photo album ... of diggers and machinery :-)

I know, you are asking yourself.  What I really need is more pictures of diggers and machines.  Well your wish is granted here: