Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lausanne 20K 2016

Marcus just before Lausanne 20Km 2016

Our second road race of 2016.  A wonderful time was had by Marcus and Agata....

Cold and Colder
Much to Agata's amusement I was planning to run in my Neoprene diving gloves.   Well it was 1 degrees C when we go up this morning. And yes, I did run with them!

 Relaxed before the race start

This year the events were spread over 2 days.  Nevertheless I have never seen so many people entering either the 10Km or the 20Km race distances.

Marcus Report

Race Plan

The idea was to run at an average sufficient to get close to 01:30 which for 20Km means over 13Km/hour which is fast for me.  Especially since this is a hilly-ish course.

I did look at the race map, but we have done the course many times before so we know that it's a slog up to the Cathedral and we climb over 250m on the course.

I only took one SIS gel on the grounds that this is a /mere/ 20Km run and nothing more substantial was going to be necessary.

Upto the Cathedral
The race started well with my music playing nicely and my Garmin and Microsoft tracking devices switched on at start sans issue.

There was nobody to /lurk/ behind at my chosen pace so for a change I had to use my watch as a guide and I tried to keep to <13.5Km/h on the flat and ascend hills as quickly as possible.

All seemed well and I got to the Cathedral which is about half way surprisingly easy.  From there it is mostly downhill so at this point me, and just about everybody else takes the opportunity to speed up.

Km 15 Choking
Providing a superb Runners excuse, if only for this event I could have run faster .... I took on a energy gel from an aid station at Km 15.   But somehow whilst trying to consume it I choked.

I had to stop and cough my guts out.  Entirely my fault

Km 16 - Pace Man is found
Just 4km from the finish I noticed a man with a fin on his back reading 01:30 and realised there was a pace man and I had a chance to better 01:30.    I caught and then overtook him

Speed and Thoughts

I finished easily and within about 60 seconds I was no longer breathless thinking, surely I could have run faster!  I am sure every runner thinks this, but what I mean is that last year I was positively exhausted at the end.  Hmm.

I ran back to collect my stuff after the race before meeting Agata and friends.  However I had sweat so little that I could not be bothered to shower there and then.   Should have tried to run faster!!

Agata Report
Despite my right leg injury I braved the cold and was flying.  In fact a personal best at 1 hour and 41 minutes.  And the course is hilly!  So there.

And also at Km 10 by the Cathedral it started snowing!  Yes it was that cold today.

Of course we bumped into Medalit, our good friend who had also run the 20Km.  Lausanne is such a cosy town that way.

Marcus after the 20Km Lausanne

We both had a great race.  Agata had a Personal Best and was thrilled.  Like all runners we are sure we could have run faster!

20Km Lausanne official
Agata Marcus Lausanne 20K 2015

Marcus time 01:27
Agata time 01:41
Another 30K+ step day each for us.  Great.

It was frikkin freezing < 5 degrees most of the time and with the odd unexpected flutter of snow!

Marcus drank 3 times, half cups of Powerade.
Marcus ate 1 SIS gel and then choked on a Powerbar Gel
Agata had no food, and a 3 cups of Powerade