Friday, April 01, 2016

Intel Xeon E5 2600 V4 Broadwell-EP Processors

Ace: How Long

Subtitle: Worth the wait?

At long flippin last.  Intel has finally launched a new series of dual Socket capable  Xeon's.  So what is the big deal then?

I shall tell you ....

First some specs to get you a little excited.

- The V4 range replaces the existing V3 range  (launched in 2012 , yes really)

- The 2xxx numbering tells us that we can have 2 CPU sockets on a motherboard working together, rather like the Intel E5-1660 a 1xxx number can only be a single socket

- So if you had a maximally configured motherboard you would get 2 x 22 = 44 cores of processing power.

- The 2600 Vx series forms the bedrock of most small to medium sized Intel compute platforms IMHO.  Using a Dual socket motherboard, i.e. 2 CPU chips you can indeed form a pretty powerful server with upto 88 threads

- Max memory is over 1TB, so that is enough for most home and small business I would suggest.

- Socket is the same LGA 2011-3

- Pricing (from anandtech)

- Pub Talk:  Over 7 billion transistors per CPU.  Whooa.

- A video from a happy sounding man

To summarise
Eric Clapton:How Long

How long?  Well too long, but I rejoice that the announce is finally here.  Now how about some introductory earlybird incentive pricing?

Intel Press Release
V4 Product brief  PDF

Hexus on Xeon 2600 v4
Anandtech on Xeon 2600 v4

Detail Specs on ask