Monday, April 04, 2016

Geneva Motor Show 2016 Photoshoot 2

Due to circumstances detailed below I had the opportunity to visit the 2016 Geneva Motor show for a second day.  Oh the torture ...

We miss a flight
To name names we had booked a Jet2 flight from Geneva to Manchester England, for a working weekend break.

Although we have used Geneva Airport for more than 10 years it was a surprise when we arrived at Terminal 1 the electronic signs told us to goto Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 we found is /up the road/ and has budget airlines the likes of those below the Easyjet tier.  I think you know what I mean!

I enquired at the Checkin Desk and they said I HAD TO checkin there  and get my ticket re-printed even though I had only hand luggage

There was then a 20 minute delay because the booking system could only find Agata, not Marcus.

At the end we clearly asked whether we needed to be ushered to the front of the checkin queue, but we were told NO, plane would wait.

At the end of the queue, with 15 minutes to take off we were staggered to find that you don't get on a bus to the plane, but a bus back to a gate at Terminal 1 (from where another bus  or walkway leads you to a plane)!

And that apparently with only hand luggage, you can go directly to the gate at Terminal 1, and never visit terminal 2.  Instead a very polite man called the gate at Terminal 1, and no doubt because we did not have any hold luggage, came back the response that we would be too late to board

Jet 2 Behaviour
Pauline from Jet2 claimed to be making strenuous efforts to help us, but the best was to take a Jet2 plane about 7 hours later.  The worst was to not help us at all.   Pauline claimed that Jet2 has no reciprocal arrangements with other airlines (e.g. Easyjet) whom we checked were flying on a plane we could have caught just an hour later.  Hmmm.

And so, with a 7 hour delay, and a look of horror in Agata's otherwise normally smiling face, Marcus proposed:

Geneva Motor Show,  Visit #2

Camera Agenda
I did have a secret Agenda which was

- A thorough test of my new Nexus 5X smartphone and its camera
- Take pictures of stands I missed on Photoshoot 1
- Meet a friend who was visiting the show that day
- Back home later to compare the quality of the Nexus 5X to that of the Full Frame Sony Alpha 7 Camera I used on Photoshoot 1

I had already done a small comparative test on Photoshoot 1, but this would be a much much more comprehensive test.

Geneva Photoshoot 2

Here is a small selection of the photographs taken:

And the full set of pictures at full Nexus 5x Smartphone resolution are here:

My Surprise Findings

- Holding just a 150 gram Nexus 5X and not a 600 gram ultra light Sony Alpha 7 with portrait lens was a noticeable advantage

- Time to shoot of the Smartphone beat the Sony, and in the claustrophobic, bustling Auto show this made for better shot setups (than the DSLR)

- The Smartphone had a wider angle lens which turned out to be useful, obviously I could have fitted a different DSLR lens, but then I'd no longer have an ultralight DSLR camera combo!

- Even when cropped and zoomed the Nexus 5X pictures look 'fantastic'.  Clearly this is a subjective impression, but I tested it out with Marcus and Agata, and on a variety of 'close up' Computer Screens to 2560x1600, and also various 4K Displays at 3840x2160.  Yep, still impressed. I had sort of hoped that the longer distance, zoom manipulated shots would look worse.  But really not!  Astonishing.

- The Nexus 5X (non replaceable) battery finally hit the dust after over 300 photographs, but (in Photoshoot 1) I had to change the Sony Alpha 7 battery 3 times for a similar number of photos.

- At the show there were multiple USB charge stations, so actually if I did this again I'd take cables and also even a portable USB rechargeable battery pack

Practically then, I now have 2 Smartphones both with 2016, Smartphone /state of the Art/ cameras.  Whilst all Smartphones have fixed Aperture lenses, resulting in a shallow depth of field, in most situations, except say landscapes,  the practical photographic results are pretty close [to DSLR].  

There I said it!

And Finally

You might be asking, so where is the video?  Well I can't recommend better than Salmondrin's above report . And if you are not easily offended please check the YouTube channel.