Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flat Pack

This post concerns attention to detail.  It makes the baseline assumption that you already recycle, but frankly that is not enough.

Marcus spent some years working in and with Retail Supermarkets. Part of the training was


Essentially at Stores or even at Head Office every Cardboard Container, every Pet Bottle was flattened before disposal.


Because this leads to very high density waste storage that can be more efficiently transported and recycled. Let's check our Apartment here in Lausanne Switzerland ...

Our communal paper waste last evening.   Observe some lazy tosser who could not be bothered to flatpack his wine carton, but others have done so.

 Our latest purchase, a Bee Hotel

 And flatpacked

 Of course this also applies to all Milk cartons

And any PET that we consume  (we have mindfully reduced consumption to the occasional bottle of fizzy water only)

Flat-packing is a step along the journey to carefully recycle goods.  But let us think about the basics

Pre Requisites
Considered and Careful consumption.   Just because you can does not mean that you should.

Consideration of total Energy and Resource costs of everything that you buy or use.

Gifting of used or no longer useful items

Recycling of daily household Produce.  In Switzerland we subdivide into PET, Aluminium, Cans, Glass, Paper, Raw Uncooked Food, General Household.

You need to perform the sorting yourself and place into the separate refuse bins.

In Switzerland PET recycling must be done at Retail Supermarkets i.e. there is never a PET recycling at Apartment home by Law, so this requires extra effort

Flatpacking is an enhancement to PET, Paper and General Household disposal

Recycle Carefully, Consider your consumption, and wherever possible Flat Pack.