Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Farewell my Digital Friend

Alan Parsons: I Robot

For 2 years now my Lian Li custom built Xeon Workstation has been on sale on our local anibis.ch sales website.   But there have been no takers.

With a heavy heart then it is time to say Goodbye.

Does Not Compute
Marcus and Agata do live in a rich country  ... Switzerland.  But I had thought that after over 700 days of advertising, at low low prices,  a quality built, dual Xeon computer, with 16GB of memory,  64 bit capable, might sell to somebody.

Not Giving Up Easily
I tried all these things

- Advertising on anibis.ch.   Since it times out after 14 days, I have had to renew the advert 30 times so far.

- Reducing the price, and again, and again

- Offering the computer free to friends.   Yes,  all they had to do was pick it up,  or in one case have it delivered!  Just so long as they promised to actually use it.

Why is it Sad?

All the technology in the Marcus and Agata house gets a very tough workout.  It is normally state of the art at purchase, but if it survives before dying an exhaustive death of daily use; it is ready to be sold to the next deserving user.

This computer chassis was my former /master server/. Lian Li does make some extraordinary precision and in this instance ultra quiet and capacious cases.  And the Server grade SuperMicro motherboard had dual Xeon processors.  At the time, which was December 2007, eye-wateringly expensive.

This computer was used daily as both personal workstation and datastore.  It was my principal contact with the Internet world.  It never failed, just kept going strong.

People get sentimental over the loss of their friends, but also their possessions like cars, Marcus includes this computer in his circle of things have performed so well, that he is sad to see go.


After some surgical disassembly:

The Motherboard is extracted.  May be I can use it as a debug motherboard? 

The 1KW CoolerMaster Power Supply I will try to use for a future build, though at 10 years old I'm not sure it has the latest features I need.

The PCI Express Cards are removed and stored away but re-use is looking dubious.

The case will visit the local Dechetterie (Waste Recycling) within the next two weeks, and any of all of the above parts too within the next 6 months if not re-used / gifted.

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