Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coming Together Now

Coldplay: Hymn for the Weekend

This is a call for -> Friday Self Reflection

Over time Marcus has found his perfectionist tendencies growing and I have even noticed this tendency rubbing off on Agata.

But there comes a time for most of us, and even for Marcus to /pull oneself together/.

Our lives will never be perfect.

To realise that, however awful things might have been in the past, and whilst the future is never certain:

John Mayer: Who you Love

Right now.  Things are pretty good.

And, if you can't sensibly appreciate the good times, then what good are the good times?

So on this Friday,  April 15, 2016, I ask you to celebrate, if you like me can look back and reflect, that right here, right now.

Things are somewhat more than OKay.

Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud

Sia: Cheap Thrills

KDA: Turn the Music Louder

DNCE: Cake by the Ocean