Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cloud Storage in 2016

Dropbox: Project Infinite

In a single day, that is 24 hours I can upload over 200 GB of data.  But drum roll, that is using our backup Internet Connection which is

A mobile phone.

Our main Internet connection is so much faster, I can't even disclose the actual speed.

Our transition to Unlimited i.e. uncapped Internet Data plans and practically Unlimited Transfer speeds has been part of a careful plan.

But it is ruined in 2016, because our current Cloud Providers are still unable to sell us working products at reasonable prices, here in Switzerland.

2016 summary, Frustrations Included

+ Currently my #1 Cloud Provider
+ The 1TBbyte plan is 100 USD per year.  Pricing Plans  That is reasonable
+ Project Infinite as above looks interesting
(This is not a new idea.  Hierarchical Storage Management with ADSM aka IBM's TSM had this concept over 15 years ago)
- You can only have upto 1TB
- For more storage, apparently unlimited, you need to goto Business and that is 5 or more users, which is 720 USD per year.
+ Dropbox client ALWAYS works for me no matter how many files I throw at it.  I tested it with over 1 million files.
+ Upload rates upto 10MBytes per second have been seen in practise
+ I upload regularly single files over 30GB in size without issue

+ Currently a reliable product
+ I favour the 1TB account which is included free with Office 365
+ I bought Office 365 and only use OneDrive since I have already bought the Office Suite separately.
+ Seems to work well, though not tested to exhaustion as with DropBox or GoogleDrive

Google Drive

--- Unfortunately it DOES NOT WORK in synchronising my files
--- The Google client just crashes
-- There is no know way to report the problem or get Google to fix it (well I reported it to the official Google Forums of course)
-- I was using the alternative Insync Pro client to synchronise my files but that also stopped working 6 months ago  (after Insync enhanced their client)
-- Insync support have not been able to fix the problem

-- I think I've isolated the problem in synchronising thousands of small files with like long filenames.  If only there was an error log I could look at, or that Google could look at, or documentation on command line options.  Apparently that is too much
++ Upload speed has exceeded 30MBytes/second before the Google Client crashes
+ Price for 1 TB is 120 USD per year which is reasonable

Amazon Cloud
Infinite uncapped storage available.  For a cheap price.  But only in the USA.  Thanks for nothing Amazon!

I have tried many other providers.  Recently I tried ASUS Webstorage.  But I found a buggy client, a host filesize limitation of 500MB (useless), and a Web Client that also did not work much of the time.  Normally I'm a fan of ASUS for their no nonsense working Hardware.  But their webstore was merely /nonsense/

Right now, my future hope is on DropBox.   It would be wonderful if Dropbox could offer individual users unlimited storage at a fair price and also allow features like /Infinite/ to provide better utilisation of local storage.