Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brother HL-3140CW Laser Printer

This is a positive review as I shall explain of the Brother HL-3140CW Laser (lazer) printer.

What Let us Down

Until a few months ago we used a terribly expensive Samsung CLX-6250 Laser printer.  What has now turned out to be a flawed plan was as follows:

- Ditch the separate dedicated Scanner and Printer
- Combine them into a single, we thought reliable, Samsung Multifunction unit
- For the price, we expected it to last forever :-)

Unfortunately it did not.  Although the printer was hardly used, the scanner was.  And first the duplex unit became temperamental, and recently stopped working in duplex completely.

Our Home Printing Requirements

Going back to basics we thought we would analyse what we, a technological family would use in 2016

- We try never to print out anything
- I mean absolutely never
- Maybe we have to print out job applications, or official documents.  
- Colour printing, yes
- But not volume
- Conversely we scan every item of paper incoming
- We even scan magazines,  receipts, all is scanned and then unless legally required shredded and recycled.

- Conclusion:  Back to ! buying  a separate quality scanner and a basic colour printer.  By Basic I mean this device needs to cost less than say 150 USD/CHF (100 GBP)

The Brother HL-3140CW is that printer!

At over 15Kg in weight this is the best value per Kilogram you are going to get anywhere!

Please note that formally this is a Colour LED printer

 An important fact, and please check your laser printer before you purchase:  This laser like most comes with starter cartridges

- But we checked
- There are Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan
- The cartridges are chipped, but the starter cartridges can be refilled and converted to regular cartridges
- Many other brands of laser ship with cartridges that are not only almost empty  (i.e. starter), BUT, cannot be refilled.
- If you don't want the significant refill cost, often as much as the printer to bite you ,   you must, investigate this important detail
- Or go with our choice, where we already did the analysis
- We plan to use urefilltoner to re-fill our cartridges

Spec Points
- The printer has a USB socket for direct connection
- There is no external Power Brick
- It has WiFi so you can print to it wirelessly
- Note Wifi is 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz only, so check your wireless router
- It has a HTTP web server so you can get lots of statistics from the printer! In fact mind boggling.
- Max paper size is A4
- There is a Deep sleep mode (0.6Watts) so you can just leave it on
- Windows and Apple and Linux support. Spec sheet says AirPrint, Cortado Cloud Print, Google Cloud Print, iPrint&Scan, Wi-Fi Direct
- 250 sheet paper tray and a manual input slot
- Output can hold 100 sheets printed paper
- 16 character LCD display
- First page less than 20 seconds and upto 18 Pages Per Minute.  We never tested.  It's more than adequate for our /once in a Blue Moon/ usage.

Revised Home Plan

- We will use this Brother HL-3140CW for our home printing needs
- It is not Duplex, the Duplex model costs quite a lot more. So for /haveto/ Duplex printing we would do it /the old way/ by printing on one side then putting those pages back into the tray and printing the other side.
- The Printer cost including the starter cartridges is 120 CHF  (90 GBP)

- The bulk of our Paper handling is Scanning not printing.  We already reviewed the most excellent Fujitsu IX500 scanner here

After over 4 months of testing we recommend the Brother as an inexpensive, quiet, non nosense Laser (LED) colour printer.

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