Monday, April 11, 2016

A Refund in Switzerland

Subtitle: Congratulations QOQA

and Emtec MicroSD and USB Memory Stick review

The rules of distance and Internet Selling in Switzerland are still unknown to Marcus.

Whereas in England I not only know the law relating to these sales, I even studied the Law including that legislation at University. 

In Switzerland, companies will brazenly state that goods may not be returned except by meeting a narrow band of conditions.

Which is why I'd like to congratulate QOQA for allowing me to return goods that I found to perform badly and give me a refund.

Yes, Swiss retailers have set the bar so low, that QOQA, by exhibiting what would be normal UK business practice, have exceeded my expectations.

Digitec Pending Refund

Meanwhile the Computer Case I mail ordered from Digitec does not go so well

- I ordered the case online
- I got fed up with waiting (about 2 weeks)
- So I asked to cancel, and made alternate arrangements
- I got an email saying not possible
- I called to appeal and I am still waiting to hear

In the interim, I studied the Digitec conditions. Today like most retails they drop-ship goods.   This means that the goods can come directly from a third party, or are not held in stock by Digitec and ordered only when I order.

Guess what, not covered by any of the above favourable clauses.  So best I can see, following their blurb, I could be committed to taking the product and not being allowed any sort of refund, even if I don't open the package ...

Emtec Reviews Anyway

As part of my move to USB 3.1 Gen2 I have tried to upgrade my Flash Memory cards and drives to make better use of the faster transfer rates and native peripheral speeds.  This led me to the QOQA emtec offers,  the purchase, the tests, and disappointing results shown below.

Emtec MicroSD card

Before ordering from QOQA I checked the website and found:

Read speed Up to 95 MB/s *
Write speed Up to 90 MB/s *

And so on receipt of Card I began testing ...

HD Tune Pro




Speed inserted into a 2016 gen fast Smartphone

 A 2 year old Adata card that I used for comparison, faster!

The speed of this card in the best computers or smartphones I have was not more than a agonisingly slow 20MB per second.  TOO SLOW!  And not the specs quoted by the manufacturer.

Emtec USB Flash Drive

So the USB Flash drive has pretty decent Read speeds, at over 100MB/second.  However the write speed of only 30 MB/sec  was not good enough.  Please note that these speeds do match the Emtec specifications

If I had blindly just used these cards I might not have immediately noticed the fact that the real speed of the Emtec Micro SD card does not come close to those advertised.

Thanks to QOQA for allowing me the return in Switzerland. Perhaps one day other Swiss sellers can follow your example.

Emtech Speedin