Friday, March 25, 2016

Windows Device Recovery Mode

Subtitle: Using Device Recovery Mode

The subject of a long (whinging) post, but I am back evaluating Windows 10 mobile.  Actually this is due to the kindness of one Sebastien Widmer whose honesty and good cheer deserve a separate post to come shortly.

Anyway,  my Second generation Windows 10 mobile phone was received

What was the Problem
By Installing and then running the Windows Insider Program on your phone, it signs you up for Betas.
 Like this

 So then you move from the standard stock OS like this

 And get some fancy new Redstone OS 14291

 Several errors later

Including a totally broken email system.

I gave up!   This never happened in Cyanogen Android world I can tell you.   Most depressing.    The 2 disasters were

- No email
- Window Hello, retina logon stopped working

Fixing The Problem

The idea is to backout the OS upgrade and go back to a stock and hopefully Stable / Everything Working  level of the Windows 10 mobile operating system

- Backup your Phone

This will save your application list on Onedrive so that after a reinstall all your applications can be automatically reinstalled

- Install Device Recovery Program

Difficult to find but here   (For me needed Firefox, Chrome would not download it)

Once installed start and plug phone in.  It gives you the choice of what you can revert back to

 If you did not already backup you are a complete dimwit

 A long while later waiting for the MS servers downloading to me at less than 5% of my line speed

And it actually worked

Oh not again

Just like any base Windows Mobile Install, the Base OS goes in.  It then determines if there are any valid updates to apply. Now back to stock  (i.e. not Windows Insider) there is a still a shed load of updates.  It actually took hours to download and apply, longer in fact than the OS rollback.

But the killer is that you have to sign back in to all of your applications with your credentials.  This is to be expected of course otherwise somebody could apply your backup to a blank phone and instantly gain access to all your accounts on the phone.

Trouble is that with Marcus' new 2 step signon wherever possible I am continually going to various authenticator apps (installed on another device,  I am not totally stupid!!) for secret codes to tap into this device.

Took bloody ages.   But to confirm it's the exact same process for Android  (re install all Apps then re authenticate )

So finally, the Windows Phone is working.  Well what I mean that email is finally working again and I've not had any long hexadecimal error code screen bombarding me.

Oh yes,  and Windows Hello, which allows retina signon is back.  In the 14291 Beta it was completely broken.  And as a newly reborn Paranoid Android, especially after the recent attempted Frauds and the Breakin  (yes, in Bloody Switzerland), all our mobile devices must be absolutely secure.

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