Friday, March 04, 2016

Waste Not, Want Not

Subtitle: Waste Not, but no longer Want in 2016

So, I am not a great fan of Weetabix  but one member of our household, and it is not I, Marcus,  has stopped eating it.  What shall we do with the outgoing unused produce?

Waste Not, Want Not
Is a phrase that was oft repeated at the childhood dining table.   First from my auntie who faced lean times after her husband was killed in the First World War and brought up her daughter in very difficult circumstances.

For my mother I think it was inherited from the missionaries that she associated with.

And this meme has survived and flourished  into Marcus and Agata's generation as an idea worth continuing.

So the prognosis is:  Marcus is going to finish it all off.  It's not my breakfast of choice, so it gets to be a night time snack.  Damned with faint praise: I would say, it is slightly less bad than a chocolate bar, which is officially off the menu anyway :-(

We try not to waste food in this household.

Yes well Mr Marketing department: there are 69 grams of Carbs per 100.  Not exactly health food.

And the Swiss version is just so slightly better.

vs Coop chocolate example

Waste not Want not in 2012
Waste Not, Want Less in 2015
Healthier Diet in 2016