Tuesday, March 08, 2016

USB 3.1 Type C 10Gbps PCI Express Adapter Card

Subtitle: My first USB 3.1 Generation 2 Adapter Card

As I have lamented many times previously living in Switzerland teaches one patience.

For electronics Marcus and Agata are usually forced to import based on price and / or unavailability of product in Switzerland.

And in spring 2016 Marcus is investing time and economically investigating

Why USB 3.1  especially Type C

- Actually I'm glossing over some details that I will clarify in a later post.
- For now lets say USB 3.1 Gen 2 is also called  Superspeed USB 10 Gbps

providing me potentially

- 10 Gbps speed  (up from 5Gbps on USB 3.0) and that's faster than SATA III (6 Gbps)
- Reversible Type C connector ... at last
- Extensible, so can actually incorporate the Thunderbolt standard inside of it, on unused pins
- Power delivery upto 100 Watts  (mind blowing right!)

Although USB 3.1 was announced 2014 and most ratifications completed by mid 2015,  in March 2016 we have /bugger all/ components in the marketplace.  Already more than Thunderbolt I venture of course, but that is hardly competition now, is it :-)

My first Type C card
After months of trolling eBay for something suitable I did eventually find this 2 port, 10 Gbps card

2 Type C ports, and in case you are wondering the connector on the right is to your PC Power Supply, to supply all that power I would presume.

It should be plugged into a PCI Generation 2, x4 slot or better.

 Initial Testing

Card does not need any of the supplied drivers under Windows 10x64 or Windows Server 2012x64 or Windows Server 2016x64

Now the awkward part is that I'm still waiting for eBay deliveries of any real USB 3.1 type C devices.  So instead I'll connect the trusty 2014 genre, USB 3.0 Orico Disk Dock

So all I can say at present is

- The card was under 20 GBP
- It's driving the USB 3.0 devices fine
- It's immediately recognised under Microsoft Windows 10 or Server.

Further reports to follow

eBay 2port USB 3.1 Type C PCI Express x4 card