Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Magical Decathlon Bib Tights

Subtitle: What are you wearing this Winter?

The winter here in Switzerland is supposed to be cold.  The local ski resorts sort of rely it being below 0 Celsius by definition.

And whilst there have been precious few cold days since October 2015 (! don't panic !) winter is making more of an effort in the last month

Marcus reflected on what he has been wearing this winter season and reflected that the single most miraculous clothing item he is using is the 

Decathlon Thermally Insulated Cycling Bib Short

The Miracle Garment

Yes, so this I shall argue is the perfect garment for

- Cycling
- Nordic Skiing
- Running
- Mountain Walking
- Snow-shoeing
- Outdoor Winter Gym Session

Here in short order is why

+ Thermal Insulation: First the garment is made from a heavy-ish thermal layer with a fleece inside.  Next there is a large cycling pad.  This keeps your precious male parts warm.  Additionally when tired I can just sit on the snow, the pad insulates me nicely keeping me warm and dry.

For Marcus whilst exercising it works down to -5 degrees this Winter, and I've used it upto about +10 degrees C.

+ Simplicity.  The basic Decathlon variety is just a single unit you step into.  Basic and so functional, it feeds the purist designer inside of me

+ No Zip: My version has no ankle or front zips.  These will eventually break and the stitching around can also come undone and is rarely smooth

+ Core Warmth.  Unlike the non bib, thermal trousers only variety, the bib also has some material covering your abdomen and rear spine.  Keep those areas toasty warm.  Perfect.

+ Bib Holding.  By Bib we mean the two straps that go over your shoulders.  So, no matter what the exercise you are confident this stays up and does not descend and slip down

+ It just keeps going!  It's always washed straight after use, but the main one I use just refuses to die. Over 100 washes in the last few months and still as good as new

The Other Clothing

Decathlon Btwin 520 Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey  is also highly recommended.  Again during the long list of above activities the multiple pockets can hold not just your wallet, house keys and smartphone.  But there is also room for a rain jacket and some food snacks!  Reviewed Here

The But
To me it's an important detail and a plus that my current bib tights have no zips.  It's not only a simpler construction, its smoother, and the zip can't rub against your skin or hurt it when inside a boot or gaiter that is under pressure.

So in my brief search today I am gutted that the current entry level and higher Decathlon bib tights all seem to have ankle zips. 

Oh no!

It used to be the cheapo cheapo, bottom of the line Decathlon tights had no zips.  it seems that they have 'fixed that" :-(

So my recommendation is still to go for the entry level Decathlon Bibs, regrettably zipped, unless you can find a similar priced zipless version elsewhere.  Maybe old stock. Anybody?

Decathlon 300 Bib Tights UK
Decathlon 300 Bib Tights FR