Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Fair Minded Seller

First and foremost this is an unsolicited thanks to Sebastien Widmer of Neuchatel Switzerland who generosity and good nature have let Marcus rejoin the Windows Mobile club again.

Thank You
Thank You
Thank YOU!

In a nutshell Mr Widmer sold me a Windows Mobile phone he was not using at a decent and fair price.  The phone was as advertised, he kept me informed of our face to face meeting, he was on time.  He let me try the phone before buying and when I was happy we did the deal at the agreed price.  

No Karma But
Neither Marcus or Agata believe their is going is a divine religious scorekeeper that will add up all the positive and negative actions during one's life in order to gain access to an eternity of Paradise or Hell.

Neither do we believe that a good action towards person X will somehow be magically rewarded at a unconnected place and time by an unrelated person Y.

And for one off transactions, especially over the Internet, where you are not developing a relationship between buyer and seller why would or should you seek a fair price?

Some reasons for Fair

- Not a Zero Sum Gain
In other words, it can be a transaction that is both 
good for you and good for the buyer. 

- What is it worth
If you are knowledgeable buyer or seller and it has the street value of about X, then expect to pay about X, not X/2 etc

- Desperate Seller
If something is worth X, which you can afford, but you know the seller is desperate, then offering X/2 makes you a shit

- Self Worth
If you take advantage of a desperate seller, offering far less than the known worth,  then far from feeling superior about forcing a good deal, personally we'd feel like bastards for taking advantage

There are lots of weasel ways that people come out with for ripping somebody off.  Either as a buyer or seller.  Some stock answers from basically wankers:

- It is only worth what somebody is willing to pay, and I pay little

- Caveat Emptor,  Okay what I did not reveal all of the faults of the product when I was seller.  But buyer beware.

- They did not have to sell it to me, this shows their weakness.

So Again
What did Mr Widmer do so well  (he was the seller, and Marcus the buyer)

- Kept me informed at all times
- Answered all my questions
- Offered a fair price
- Turned up on time to the agreed meeting place
- Let me check the goods in my own time
- Produced paperwork to document original sale, for warranty
- When I was happy, and only then, I paid.

Marcus' Anibis Sales
These days Marcus is normally the seller and I hope my buyers will recognise a similar high standard that I experienced.  Some of things that still upset me:

- I'm selling it for X, it is worth X, and your first offer is X/2

- You contact me, pump me for information, then never reply

- You arrive to buy my sale item, but without the correct cash

- You arrive and just before handing over money ask for a further discount

- You don't arrive to the meeting, and don't bother to call to reschedule or give me notice that you will not be coming

- You are in fact a fraudster.  Trying to commit fraud, a legal offence, against me (see here

For all these and many more reasons it is difficult to continue to be treat every new buyer without a certain amount of cynicism creeping in from time to time.  

But we do try.

My positive experience with Sebastien Widmer reminds me that there are other good people out there.  It gives me strength.