Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Secular Movie Night

Absolutely Anything

I hope you read the post from January 2016 and that it has not caused you too many cold sweats or religiously indoctrinated nightmares.

Instead of that movie night today I postulate what I'd look forward to on a more meaningful Secular night in.

Groundhog Day

Because eventually we can do the right thing.

Don't be limited by what others tell you you can achieve.

The Swim Back


Paul and Evolution


Zero out of 10 for subtlety  but there is a clear and important message behind the profanity

Rapture 10 minute preview

The Invention of Lying

And still at number one, simultaneously the best religious and also non religious movie, well ever.  With each viewing it just gets better and better.

Where you go when you die