Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Kicking the Bucket in the End

Charlie Winston: Kick the Bucket

I am not saying that Marcus and Agata contrived to goto the Villars Music Festival  (with Charlie Winston) at Col de Bretaye this Saturday in order to segway into a discussion about mortality, but you have to admit it does make for a good entree.

This Sunday, March 27, 2016, is known predominantly in Europe, still a majority Christian land, as Easter Sunday.

And on Easter Sunday, Marcus was always taught to reflect on live and loves, and well everything.

So how is Life going?

As a perfectionist I can say that things could be better.

As a relativist I can say that compared to others (in Europe) things are going very well

This Saturday we continued doing the things we love, with each other.  For example, our daily exercise, to keep us healthy, and to help us strive never to be a burden to others or our society.

I can definitively say that no Ancient or Modern Gods or deities or religions were involved in putting us where we are today.  These so called imaginary friends have no place our modern world,  with their pre scientific and often discredited ideas.

Unfortunately the events from the 2016 Brussels bombing less than one week ago remind us that instead of being a benign force for good, Religion, and usually it is people claiming to act on behalf of one particular Religion,  seek to divide, exclude, subjugate and possibly murder others.  

Life is complicated and difficult.  There is no Superman, Spiderman, X-Men or Imaginary Friend who is going to save the world.   The future is simply what we make of it.

Lady Gaga: Imagine

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