Monday, March 14, 2016

Still the only Swiss Bargain

In the retail marketplace I rarely if ever use the words Swiss and Bargain in the same sentence.

I last talked about specifics in 2012 here.   But it is now 2016, surely something has changed?  Well barely.

In 2012 in Switzerland we had a Single website, yes in the whole country called which each day gave you a deal in a garment, or electronics or household category.

Today, in 2016 I notice a site called that is supposed to act as an aggregator site showing the best deals.

In practise to Marcus, the qoqa family is still very superior (to anything else) and qoqa has not blossomed into not only but also, and

So there are now a total of 4 pretty good sites in the whole of the country!

Here is the entry for qoqa on Monday, March 14th, and yes, that is actually a pretty good deal.  For me this means

- An interesting product
- A current, not end of line product
- Actually good performance (not a mediocre product with jazzed up marketing and speak)
- Good prices and shipping costs
- Variety of ways to pay including credit card and Paypal.

The state of online payment in Switzerland is still, and are you sitting down  that many shops ask you to transfer you the payment in advance by bank transfer, or do cash on delivery at your doorstep.  Credit card usually costs extra, e.g. a surcharge and Paypal, well almost never.

I know, in 2016,  you would not believe it I know, but Scouts honour, I am telling you the truth.

I shall just leave it there and let these facts speak loudly for themselves.