Sunday, March 20, 2016


Subtitle:  The new Touchscreen Detachable MacBook, really?

300,000 Hits.  I almost despair.

Curse you Google,  a phrase I don't use often.  But my personalised Google News Feed today became spammed with such garbage.  And here are just some of the reasons that I call it garbage:

- Apple has a Divide and Pay Conquer approach to computer devices. Financially they would much rather you buy a MacBook and an iPad than a device that can do both. 

Tim Cook even said NO to convergent devices in November 2015.  How much friggin clearer can we be on the subject

What we do know

We know that retailers across the World have been heavily discounting Apple Macbook products.   They have been told something new is in the works.

So we are sure that something new is imminent, just that we don't know what

Marcus Jaded Comment
All this shitournalism (as I have termed it)  comes less than 24 hours before the latest Apple announcement.  If there was a way to programmatically remove all frikkin manufacturer X speculation 48 hours before X makes an announcement apart from turning off my PC, which is impractical, I would go for it.   These irrelevant, misleading and attention grabbing headlines are nothing new, but  apply to all manufacturer's days before the event and especially to Apple

Remind me the Announcement?
March 21, 2006,  10.00 PDT time zone.

CNET: How to watch the Apple announcement

Please let us all wait, stop speculating and tune into the live webevent or the YouTube replay.

Apple Special Event March 21 2016