Friday, March 11, 2016

Photo Compare Me

Subtitle:  DSLR verses Smartphone

I know, we have all read about the couple that shot their wedding photography entirely on an iPhone [note, other Smartphones are available].  And we thought.  Right, what total losers!

And then there are the spotty kids on Youtube brigade who do endless comparisons about Smartphones like their lives depended on it.

Well ......

Marcus Test

I had some time to kill at the Geneva Auto Salon this week and so thought, let me compare my 2015 Generation Google Nexus 5X phone with my 2014 Generation Sony Alpha 7 full frame camera, with its high quality fixed portrait lens.

Surely it will be a slam dunk in favour of Mr Sony

(You all remember that by clicking on the pictures you can get them enlarged .. ready ....)

Nexus 5X (12MP,  1/2.3" sensor)

crop and enlarge carbon wheel

Sony Alpha 7  (24MP, full frame)

crop and enlarge carbon wheel

Oh, and I uploaded the photos into google photos here  (goodbye Picasa) just to be professional so you can further inspect them.

Well you know, it is a pretty close run thing really.  Whilst I am quite reluctant to admit that it can be close I'd also say

- Nexus 5X has a wider field of view, is that obvious?
- Light conditions at Palexpo Geneva were pretty shitty.  Lots of overhead lights, reflections and uneven lighting
- Lots of people, jostling and pushing, meaning you have to take the shots quickly
- Of course carrying the Nexus is so much simpler than even the ultra small Sony A7 with portrait lens ( 576 grams)

For general, day in the park shots, weddings excluded the 2015+ Smartphone camera seems more than adequate, at least when there is sufficient lighting.  In lower lighting the DSLR will zoom past since it can raise ISO without affecting noise too much.

And the following Smartphone technologies are closing the gap further: (Relax, no spotty kids are shown below)

Other Notes

Lumia 950 Camera

The Nexus 5X is a plane jane camera.  It should be a lot worse than cameras like the Lumia 950 which have some fancy things going on.  Above video refers

How OIS Works

The Sony has Optical Image stabilisation  (OIS) , and a massive sensor, and a bigger lens to let more light in.  OIS is well covered in the above video.

But for the fact that the Nexus 5X was purchased /as a firesale bargain/ I would never recommend anybody purchase a new smartphone without OIS  (and not Electronic Stabilisation, because that, when you think about it,  that just can't work [well / at all] )