Thursday, March 03, 2016

Our First Tripod

Subject: Hama Star 62 Tripod

There comes a time in every minimalist Photographers life when you just have to admit defeat and buy your first tripod.

This leads us to the short and sweet review of the  Hama Star 62 tripod.

Your Starter
Even if you have asked knowledgeable friends and consulted Youtube and Mr Google there is nothing like buying an inexpensive starter device.

The Hama Star 62 represents this, since after some shopping points discount coupons it cost us a mere 30 CHF  (about 20 GBP).   Enough to get started on, and then later we can save for that Manfrotto

In Pictures

 A case is included, though we'll never use this tripod outside. But a nice touch.

Head has a long lever that screws unscrews to allow tilt up and down.

The pan left and right is not smooth as per the brochure, but it is manageable.

Each of the three legs has a clip that opens to allow vertical adjustment.   Each leg has 2 adjustable length sections

 In daily use the lower extensions are not used as shown here.

 The handle can bring the mounted camera up and down.  It's not that smooth but it works.

I attached the supplied plastic quick release mount to our Sony DSLR, and I ordered some extra plastic mounts from eBay for more cameras  (well, we have a smartphone or two) so we can interchange.

You can lock the base plate at an angle.

It can get very tall, use the door handle as a reference point.

For the money you really can't go wrong.   I use this to steady any inside home still or video and it really works a treat.