Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kerzers Lauf 2016

We are just back from our first race of the year.   Yes, the 15Km Kerzers Lauf offroad running course about 80Km north of our home town of Lausanne

2016 prospectus
The optimistic big picture is that Marcus and Agata begin to really feel fitter in 2016 and hope that finally this might be translated into better race results.

We primarily enjoy the sports themselves of course, placing is not the end goal,  just doing the best that we can, given our advancing years, which I hear one day will start to make us slower :-)

The Course
The 15Km course has varied road surfaces,  road and forest track, and also the usual (yes, we are totally spoilt) beautiful Swiss countryside.

15Km and offroad seemed like the ideal started for this year.

Of course what we did not expect was the staggeringly hot weather conditions.  18 degrees definite, although I did register >20 in direct sunlight.   This meant we were a little overdressed for the run

Some Photos

 Crowded start, and really there were a lot of people here.  Thousands literally.  But the race organisers were very well prepared.  Staggered starts in particular.


Agata is located

I have to apologise for a general lack of photography.  My new Windows phone, whilst having a fantastic camera is also equipped with a buggy OS.  Minutes before the race I found out that if I stopped for photos during the race, as per normal practise, the music play (Spotify or VLC or Microsoft Podcast) would screw up.  Turning a quick photo stop into a swearing cursing disaster.   Under investigation!

Marcus' Run
Unusually I did study the course.   There was a lot of traffic at the start, probably the first 4Km, after that I was inching past quite a few people.

Overall I just kept thinking, why can't I run any faster than my watch telling 13.x Km?

I ended up crossing the line tired but was almost totally recovered about 60 seconds later.  So one half of me said, why didn't I run faster, and the other half of me said, I was running as fast as I could.    It is still a mystery.

Best part was the course, which ended up in a nice downhill meaning one could keep up a finishing pace without killing oneself.

This race was not expensive, but the organisation and facilities e.g showers were top notch.  And, they prepared a present and some freebies:

 A retro bag

 A portable roller, looks ideal for weekend aways.

 Some food samples

 A buff from the Brooks, running stand

Washing powder.

We like a bargain and we were simply overwhelmed by the total package that they delivered.

And Finally

We were only away half a day, but by our return our kitty overlords  were impatiently waiting for lunch.  Marcus delivered.

Thank you Switzerland for another great day.

Kerzers Lauf

Stats,  15Km Kerzers Lauf
Agata 01:18.16
Marcus 01:09.29
Marcus ate: nothing, drank 2 half cups of Isostar