Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hating Rob Titchener

So if you not a listener to the BBC R4 Archers radio serial this post will seem just mysterious to you.

There is a horrible devious man called Rob Titchener who is now part of the Archers storyline.

In plain speaking terms he is a real Bastard.

I cannot imagine any Archers listener actually liking this pillock and the recent plot lines have left me so incensed that I Marcus am at the point of writing a letter to the BBC.

You see, the Archers to me personifies the just life, when eventually; Good things happen to Good people, and Bad things happen to Bad people.  Well, in the long run.

And, since it has been running for over 60 years now, that is a lot of time for the Good to triumph.

I can find no better summary of the current diabolical situation than  here


Please read, and fume with me.

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