Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Geneva Motor Show 2016

This is just an inital declaration that Marcus and Agata made a pretty comprehensive tour of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Why Geneva?

Mostly because it is only about an hour away from our Lausanne home, but also because Geneva is probably the most prestigious  European show of the year.

The Remit

- To have a good time!

- Too check out premiere cars

- Secret shopping agenda

It has been suggested that the /bank of Marcus and Agata/ could assist with a new small car purchase.   We've done substantial Internet research, now it is time to press the flesh, or in fact metal in this case.

Not all fun honestly

This is how it really is.   Really HOT HOT HOT. Don't ever go there with anything other than thin cool clothing.   Here you see Marcus telling it like it is

Yes, and here is Agata looking all cool.  She's not fooling me!

Unless you like crowds, and sweat, and being jostled, never, just never go at the weekend or at the end of day when workers are sneaking out of work to take advantage of the cheap 1600 or later tickets.

 Agata and Marcus investigating some economical cars

 This year, exhibitors doing a dance was all the rage

We shot a video

BTW: Youtube sent me a firm / aggressive email about Copyright after my video upload.  A question possibly better raised to the Ford flippin motor company I would venture.

There was so much bling everywhere I wish I had brought sunglasses

 Marcus sat in a lot of cars

 Marcus is never going to leave the RUF stand

 Up close and personal with so many fancy cars

Yes, the totally insane man with Leather clothing on.  He had probably collapsed with heat exhaustion shortly after this photo was taken.

Agata and the Fluffer man!

 We lament the fact that some important friends are missing

Stands with impressive special effects   (moving coloured balls to music)

It is all too much for some exhibitors.  They have lost interest!

Agata's Best Quotes
Agata may not be a car geek like Marcus, but she does come out with the best quotes.  Like:

These are new cars right
[Agata at the Morgan stand]

So our choices don't include McLaren, we only have Rolls, Aston, Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche
[Agata comments that she's only prepared to take her car to a local dealer]

What do you mean the only Mini at the show
[About the fact that Mini forgot to attend the show]

Do you always have a chauffeur?
[A man comments that Agata instinctively gets into the back seat of a car]

What About Cars then

We looked at so many cars it was pretty mind blowing.  And they will be described in another post.  Literally hundreds of cars and photos.