Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Delete Me, Clean Me

Deactivating HAL 9000

Subtitle: Eventually!

This is a short tale of errors and more errors.  For over a week the Marcus and Agata household has been troubled by various computer malfunctions / sub optimal operations.  Including:

01 Trouble in Microsoft Storage Spaces world

02 Trouble in Apple, Fusion Drive World

03 Trouble in Android, Nexus land

Special builds and Kernels on my new Nexus phone keep falling over and giving Marcus grief.

04 Trouble in 80070490 Windows Update land

And the Fixes are

Patience and Determination, well, and Google are required to fix the above.   

A01  Microsoft Storage Spaces is Hardware picky. If you use server level Motherboards and Disk Controllers you are likely to have success.

A02 Bloody Apple.  Of course they are going to screw with me!

A03 Return the phone back to Stock you idiot!  Google is preparing monthly security updates making your Nexus phone more robust than any other Android.  But you can't dick about with other kernels and distributions if you want stability [and security].

A04 Windows Update has been /on the blink/ for over 1 month. A constant OCD nagging at the back of Marcus' mind. Fixed by ....

Delete the obvious surplus files

The Data Purge as I would otherwise call it, is a springtime housekeeping that I recommend for all Digitales

And then

- Run full Virus and rootkit scans to make sure no dodgy software is installed
- Delete any old media files
- Delete any old Virtual Machines not used in over 2 years
- Clear Machine Error Logs, then monitor for 1 week. 
- Investigate and resolve newly loggeed problems.  A thankless task, because there is a lot of crap in there.
- Clean out old Virtual Machines
- Check every single Installed Program.  Is it required?

- Check every Windows Register Entry with respect to programs,   clean any trash
- Check 32bit and 64 bit Program Files directories for crap
- Start Firewall Config and remove any old outbound or inbound rules
- Run Windows Disk Cleanup cleanmgr.exe

- From Task Manager Identify and try and 64bit any 32bit programs you might have installed.  64bit clean is the goal. Though mpossible under Windows (since many Google and MS and Cloud programs remain 32bit, OSX and Linux scores bigtime here) try and pune/discard any 32 bitters you really don't need.


As an air of tranquility has returned to our home, my darling partner Agata summarised a last minute potential change of events:

Android N Preview

Wait, you are telling me no sooner than everything is working, Google has stepped in to ruin my party.  Android Bloody what!

Ah well, when discord strikes it is usually time to chill out to Tron: Legacy.

Tron Legacy: Sirens


Nvidia tweaking
Tron: Disc Wars

Tron: Rinzler