Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy Doing What

Ah, when reality bites.

Simple maths:  3 washes at about 3 hours each means 9 hours!

So most of today and some of tomorrow (Wednesday) will be spent clothes washing.

Marcus cannot quite imagine how in earlier years it was always possible to 

- stay out late partying and come to work at 07.00 next morning

- stay up late programming to the early hours, and come to work 07.00 next morning

- do the bi-weekly commute from JFK back to Finchley, London  for the weekend , arriving Saturday morning, and flying back to New York, and walking straight into work on Monday evening (6pm) and working until 01.00

Fast forward to 2016 and it is merely an action packed weekend away that is so taxing and busy that Marcus needs a full day to recover.

Agata is tired

Marcus is as usual in a world of his own.

It is, just all about time

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