Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple Special Event, March 21, 2016

Marcus is NOT going to bore you with all of my dastardly opinions of the 63 minute, Apple Special Event of March 21 2016

I had to watch it, and now it is your turn.  Please click on the link below

Apple Special Event March 21 2016

TimePoints: I did notice these things.

26:03 Another watchstrap!

26:23 Apple Watch comes down in price

27:00 Apple TV something, lots of apps

Lots of things you will only get in the USA

30:00-38:00  iPhone SE

38:20 iOS 9.3

45:00 A smaller ipad pro

53:49 Customers taking photos with an iPad - NO!

8 minutes left and no Macbook yet!

56:05 You can have 256GB memory

No Macbook update

I can admit to being an ex Macbook owner and user.   It's slightly better than being an /ex smoker/.   Anyway,  given the continued retailer discounting I had expected a minor Macbook revision.

But spoiler alert - Nothing, nada

And so even today the Retailer discount emails received did not align with the Macbook update no-show.

My opinion:  Is that they will probably announce a simple Processor speed bump soon, and they did not consider it a worth addition to pack into the 60 minute presentation vs the other announcement material.

With my Best Positive Spin
- No new Macbooks I am gutted
+ Agata quite liked the iPad Pro, but commented no 3D touch
+ Marcus thinks for people with excellent eyesight then if you prefer an iPhone, the SE with its 4" display looks very attractive
+ New 29W USB C charger might be generally interesting

So Again
Do watch the original and then of course check the Apple share price tomorrow.  

At 105.91 at time of writing,  Google Finance

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