Monday, February 29, 2016

3 days on the Slopes

Marcus and Agata just spent 3 days on the slopes  (Well a lunchtime and a Weekend).

Thanks to our wonderful personal trainer Kathy our Enthusiasm for wintersports has been rekindled.   (Again, if you live in Vaud, we really recommend you call Zimfit to book some coaching)

The end of Day 1.  We've realised despite the hot weather conditions that a decent resort is about 45 minutes away for Nordic Skiing.

So not taking advantage is pretty criminal really.

Question:  On the way home we noticed these small fences.  Are they to keep hedgehogs away from the roads?  Anybody

Day 2

Another resort and this is also less than 1 hour from home.   Now this is getting embarrassing!

Whilst the snow is thinner, it is still there

We are delighted that our Nordic Skis, poles, and boots and a change of clothes all fit nicely into the baby Audi TT. Such a fantastic car.

Day 3

We are meeting up with friends.  Another resort less than 60 minutes from home.  Who knew?

We find that the snow a little unconvincing and so snowshoes are left in the car

The avalanche rating was 3 out of 5   (where 1 is okay and 5 is all-closed).  Without naming names, a vote was taken to turn back.

I know, I am ruining the mystery of Snow Angels

Time for lunch ....

We are making a note for later this year to return for the famous Swiss Cow fighting.

Sandra's famous Granola Bar slices are really delicious.

We stop first for lunch

And then on the way home.  The Artisan shop has lots of choice but rather pricey produce.  

Switzerland:  Really Beautiful

Some learning Points

- Wahoo, we have some new fancy Nordic Skis for the remainder of the season.  We must go and use them!

- Marcus refused to participate in the drive down back from the mountains faster than you unofficial competition. The specialty of boy racers.  I just pull over. And probably catch you up in a few minutes when you hit a wall of traffic.

- Artisan shops are addictive.  Go in with a budget

- Though this 2016 has little to no snow, we can find something  within a 45 minute drive from home in Lausanne. 

- On a Sunday it's fun to go out for a nice relaxing walk / snow shoe in the mountains.