Sunday, March 13, 2016

2 Port Dual SD SDHC MMC RAID to SATA Adapter Converter

Subtitle: Outdated Engineering Part 1

Not all our attempts to improve the digital infrastructure of our household end up in success.  Not to make a habit of the failures, but in this case to document them.

- Our main server is quite ancient and unable to directly use the new M.2 disk that we can currently only use as a non OS i.e. Application disk whilst booted

- This is because the BIOS does not support M.2

- So there was a cunning plan to install a bootstrap onto a small disk like product, that could then jump to the OS on the M.2 disk

- And so we considered the SDHC flash to SATA card converter, for just such a bootstrapping purpose

- We ordered it here from Hong Kong and after a few weeks of waiting it arrived and it was time to test

As you can see the card has 2 SD card slots as input, and the output is a SATA connection.

How was it?
Truely the most awful and slowest drive emulator I have ever seen

- Performance when working, and I use the word in italics, was 3 MB/sec tops.

- Yes 3MB per second, not 30 or 300 MB/sec.

- Also if only 1 SD card was inserted the PC would not even boot, even if this was not nominated as a boot drive  i.e. you have to use 2 SD cards

- We tried SDcards with read speeds of over 80 MB/sec and still it was dog slow

I'm so embarrassed with this card I can't with a clear conscience sell it on.  So it will remain in the spare cards pile or to be a gift to anybody visiting.

NOT recommended.