Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Your Birthday

Katy Perry: Birthday

It seems to be the time of year for Birthdays of friends in my Digital calendar.   These days when your digital Infrastructure can automatically remind you of Birthdays it seems rather rude; cum lazy not to send a message of some sort to them.

It is of course equally rude for people not to reply!  Yes, Birthday wishes are a two way street.

For Marcus and Agata our notifications went from Paper, parental advice/ shouting,  Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar and now usually from Facebook.
Corrs: Forgiven not
Additionally a plea.  A birthday is a great and very appropriate time to renew that lost contact.

But since Birthday information is now normally mandatory information on any bank account, or forum or even household appliance registration, on our own Birthdays we not only received wishes from Friends and family, but also the likes of our favourite Car forum and Vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

So really, I'm old fashioned enough to only count people and not corporate wishes.

So right here, right now, we are relaxing the no-selfie rule to send out Birthday waves to you right now.  Happy Birthday.

The Plan
But at a certain age, my advise to those having a birthday is:

- Do some preparation, what do you want?  Presents, experience, a party.  How will you make it happen?
- Never work on your birthday
- Ideally don't just take the day off, some people can manage a week and even a holiday into the bargain
- Try and arrange for others to be pampering you, because if you are rushing around pampering others on your birthday, well, you may have a psychological problem.
- If you are a parent, and your kids can't or won't pamper you, jettison them for the day
- You are not going to have several hundred birthdays, so make each one count

Minions: Birthday

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