Sunday, February 14, 2016

What I learnt from the Superbowl Advertisments

Truly awful Superbowl 2016 trailers

Subtitle: There is (some) hope.

YouTube make a kind suggestion on Sunday, Valentines day, that we watch the above.  It was basically an awful 10 minutes which left me with the following comments from those watching

- Are marketers targeting dim people who like violence?
- What is with this obsession with cartoon characters? Do grown ups think if they make enough movies, Marvel characters will actually become real?
- Somebody has realised how many Bourne novels exist. Another film episode!
- The Ninja turtles still exist in a 21st century world?  Whoa, I never knew.
- At last America gives credit to some non Christian gods :-)
- Batman vs Superman: somebody is clearly getting desperate

And then I found

After some digging I found that a much larger and fuller Superbowl commercial list can be watched here

Super Bowl '50' (2016) commercials